General Introduction


The Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 2009 with the closure of Isparta Health School. The Faculty of Health Sciences of Süleyman Demirel University directs education, research and services in the field of health sciences with experienced faculty members, contemporary undergraduate education programs, up-to-date technological equipment, scientific researches, international cooperation and reputation. The aim of Faculty of Health Sciences is; to educate health professionals and educators who are creative, entrepreneurial, information literate and respectful to universal values besides the professional qualifications at the high level.  

There are Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, Nursing Department, Midwifery Department and Nutrition and Dietetics Department in our faculty. Nutrition and Dietetics Department has not started to accept students yet.

The students graduating from Midwifery Department get the title of “Midwife”; the ones from Nursing Department get the title of “Nurse”; and the ones from Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department get the title of “Physiotherapist”.

Teaching programs in our faculty are updated every year. In order to increase their general competence, the students can also benefit from elective courses in different programs of the university. Within the scope of national and international educational cooperation opportunities, many of our students have the opportunity to continue their education in different and distinguished higher education institutions through Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana and other bilateral protocols. With the same channels of cooperation, a large number of national and international students are trained in our faculty.

240 ECTS (30 ECTS per semester and 240 ECTS in 8 semesters) must be completed successfully in order to obtain the undergraduate degree in our faculty. The diplomas of our graduates are also registered by the Ministry of Health. In addition to being able to pursue careers as health professions, they can also conduct academic work at a higher level if they wish.