Mission &Vision


Maternal and neonatal follow-up during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Normally they can determine deviations and make normal births on their own responsibility. It is also about educating those who can use professional midwifery approaches in normal deviation situations.


Having basic knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies in line with the developments in the field of midwifery,having contemporary roles, able to make evidence-based practices, self-confident;

Having the ability to associate the basic knowledge gained from health, social and behavioral sciences with midwifery;

who can realize their professional practices and responsibilities in line with professional midwifery values ​​and ethical principles;

Can provide follow-up, training and consultancy services on women's and children's health;

able to monitor and evaluate mother / fetus / newborn during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period;

can perform individualized care of mother / fetus / newborn during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period, can take appropriate interventions in risky situations and refer when necessary;

Have effective communication, leadership and management skills within the healthcare team;

To raise midwives who are sensitive to health problems, have acquired lifelong learning behavior, and have professional career strategies.